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  Student Athlete Rules Admin

Rules & Regulations Updated 10/25/2017

St. Anne Athletic Department
   "Climbing the Ladder of Success" 

Team Rules and Expectations

•Commitment to the team, teammates, coaches and St. Anne Athletics
-it’s expected from you
-no skipping practices
-you must notify your Coach or Athletic Director if you’re going to miss practice
-if you play travel ball that’s fine but school practice and games come first
-you should not skip/miss school practice or games to go play travel ball

•(2) unexcused(no call/no show) absences from practice without calling the Coach or Athletic Director will result in dismissal from the team (a call the next day is considered a missed practice)

•Be on Time (practice, games, etc)

•Arrive (10) minute before practice and (20) minutes prior to home games (first game of the night) (30) minutes for away  games

•Be ready for practice when you enter the gym

•“No” undressing in the gym(please use the locker rooms)

•“No” jewelry should be worn at practices or games

• "No" cell phone use during practice or games (please turn them off during practice and games)

•No friends at practice

•Respect your teammates, coaches and opponents at all times

•Good Sportsmanship is required at all times
-any un-sportsmanship towards other teams, teammates, referees, coaches or adults will result in diminished playing time and/or dismissal from team

•Clean up locker room and gym
-after practice, games, etc

•Don’t track through the gym
-with wet shoes
-while other practices are in progress

Playing Time
•Equal playing time will be in effect for 5th and  6th grade teams

•7th and 8th grade does not have equal playing time(although if you come to practice you should play but decision is up to the coach)

•Practice plays a part in how much you will play
-if you come late and leave early you can not expect equal playing time
-If you come to (5) practices out of (10) you should not expect equal playing time
-equal playing time is earned through regular participation and involvement during practice

•Student-Athletes should talk with their coach about playing time
-if this doesn’t solve the problem then the parent should talk to the coach

•Grades will be checked weekly

-you will be academically ineligible if you receive (2) D’s or (1) F in a week
-you will miss all practices and games for (1) week (Wed to Tues)

•You are a Student first and foremost!

•Maintain at least a “C” average (Athletic Department prefers better)

•Work Hard and keep those grades up

•Don’t hangout outside or in the hallways on game day

•Sit together at ALL away games
-support your other school teams while they are playing

•Good behavior at other schools is  a must
-remember you’re representing yourself, the school and parents
-if you misbehave you may be excused from that day’s game, may be asked not to play in the next game or you may even be dismissed from the team